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DISCLAMER: These materials have been prepared by the law office of Jeffrey A. Avny for informational purposes only and are not legal advice.  This is general information only. No information posted here or materials provided are intended to constitute legal advice. The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Avny cannot guarantee the accuracy of posted information as each individual situation may vary.  Consult an attorney before buying or selling a home.

What will your attorney do for you?

Your attorney should do the following:

-Review the terms of your real estate contract or create a sales contract if for sale by owner.

-Work in conjunction with Real Estate agents, mortgage brokers, and opposing attorneys.

-Inform client as to the processes that take place prior to closing; i.e. mortgage commitments and payoffs, homeowner’s insurance, property inspections, condominium regulations and requirements, land surveys, and other necessities for closing on your sale or purchase.

-Insure completion of all contract contingencies and requirements such as mortgage commitment, payment of earnest money, and closing date.

-Examine Title Commitment and clear all title exceptions. Check all closing costs for accuracy.

-Attend closing and oversee the signing of all documents as well as a full explanation of every document involved, including but not limited to, deed to property, affidavit of title, bill of sale, state and county tax transfer stamps (city or village if required), closing statement, ALTA statement, loan documents, federal documents, and disbursement or payment of funds.

-Your attorney should help to make the sale or purchase of a home an overall agreeable process.

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